Even Better Than Eden: Nine Ways Christ is Bringing the NEw INto Your Now


For further study:

In this study considered the implications of the Covenant of Works and how it impacts our understanding of eschatology (last things). Following are some links to audio, video, blogs and books that may be helpful if you'd like to explore these things a little deeper.

The Search for the New Adam Part 1 White Horse Inn podcast

The Search for the New Adam Part 2 White Horse Inn podcast.

“Why I Believe in the Covenant of Works” blog post by Justin Taylor

A Tale of Two Trees blog post by Nick Batzig

The Sin-Bearing, Curse-Removing Second Adam blog post by Nick Batzig

Jesus, The True and Greater Gardener blog post by Nick Batzig

The Search for a New Adam audio of The White Horse Inn

The Gospel and Eschatology: Why Heaven Matters Now audio of a panel discussion with Gregory Beale, Jeffrey Jue, and Lane Tipton

Eschatology: The Big Picture audio message by Lane Tipton

The Covenant of Works (Creation) text version of lecture by Ligon Duncan

The Tree of Life: Protological to Eschatological article by Robert Starke

Aiming for the New Creation blog post by Daniel Ragusa on Reformed Forum

Last Things First: Unlocking Genesis with the Christ of Eschatology:, book by J.V. Fesko

A New Testament Biblical Theology book by Greg Beale

Kingdom Prologue: Genesis Foundations for a Covenantal Worldview book by Meredith Kline

Biblical Theology book by Geerhardus Vos