Even Better Than Eden



Sometimes the Bible’s story is summarized as creation, fall, redemption, restoration. But the future is not headed toward merely a restoration of Eden’s goodness. From the very beginning, the Bible’s story has always been headed toward consummation, toward glory. This book traces 9 themes—the tree of life, garden and wilderness, the image of God, clothing, Sabbath rest, marriage, the offspring, the temple, and the city of Jerusalem—throughout the Bible, revealing how God’s plan for the new creation will be far more glorious than the original.

The book will be released by Crossway in August, 2018. Reproducible Personal Bible Study Questions for personal or small group use and a Leader's Guide will be available for purchase as downloads on this page by August 1. Currently there are no plans for a video version of this book.

Table of Contents:


1. The Story of the Wilderness

2. The Story of the Tree

3. The Story of His Image

4. The Story of Clothing

5. The Story of the Bridegroom

6. The Story of Sabbath

7. The Story of the Offspring

8. The Story of a Dwelling Place

9. The Story of the City


Discussion Guide