Biblical Theology Workshops for Women

Do you ever read the Bible and have a sense that there is a deeper meaning or significance to what you are reading that you can’t quite figure out? Or do you sometimes wonder why some people are able to draw things out of a passage in the Bible that you didn’t see until they pointed it out? If so, I hope you’ll make plans to come to a Biblical Theology Workshop for Women. Our aim will be to increase our Bible skills so that rather than being bored by, or intimidated by our Bibles, we’ll become more intrigued by them, moved by them, more confident we’re grasping what they are communicating to us.

Over three sessions, we’ll review the key events of the Bible’s story and the major sections of the Bible. I’ll demonstrate telling the story of the Bible through the lens of a particular theme. We’ll work together on tracing a particular theme through the various sections of the Bible. Then we’ll look at the opening of each of the Gospels and discover how a growing understanding of major biblical themes adds to our understanding when we see those themes arise in smaller parts of the Bible. The sessions will be energetic, interactive, and fun.

Dates & Locations for Workshops:

September 14, 2019                  Houston, TX                 Christ the King Presbyterian Church

September 20-21, 2019            Louisville, KY                Sojourn Church

September 27-28, 2019            Orlando, FL                  Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando

October 5, 2019                  Wake Forest, NC         Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

October 12, 2019                  New Orleans, LA         Lakeview Christian Center

October 26, 2019                  Washington, DC          McLean Bible Church

November 2, 2019                  Grand Rapids, MI        First Byron Christian Reformed Church

January 24-25, 2020                  Atlanta, GA                  Perimeter Church

February 1, 2020                  Birmingham, AL          Briarwood Presbyterian Church

February 8, 2020                  Jackson, MS                First Presbyterian Church

February 21-22, 2020                 Greenville, SC             First Presbyterian Church

February 29, 2020                  Kansas City, MO          Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

March 6-7, 2020                  Chattanooga, TN         First Presbyterian Church

March 28, 2020                  Tulsa, OK                  River Oaks Presbyterian Church

April 4, 2020                  St. Louis, MO               Chesterfield Presbyterian Church

May 2, 2020                  Denver, CO                  Park Church Denver

Some of these venues have more seats than others, and some are more likely to be filled up quickly by women from the host church/seminary than others, so we encourage you to register earlier rather than later if you want to come. You’ll also save some money by registering early. If we’re not coming to your city, we hope you’ll consider getting a group of friends together to make a girls trip to a city where a workshop is being offered.


How much does the workshop cost? The pricing is different for the various workshops depending on when a person registers and whether or not a meal is included. An earlybird registration at a workshop with no meal cost added is $20 (I know! What a deal!). The prices go up from there based on how early you register and the cost of a meal if one is included.

Is there anything I need to prepare prior to the workshop? No. Just bring a pen and your Bible (we suggest you bring a printed Bible rather than using the one on your phone, but one on your phone is fine, too). We’ll supply you with a notebook and a clipboard to write on when you you get there. You can leave your fears about being exposed for what you don’t know at home, as well as your pride about what you do know. We’re all just there to learn together. And that includes me. Now, if you really, really want to get a head start, you could spend some time comparing Genesis 1-3 and Revelation 20-22 and look for ideas or images you find in both places. I’ll give you some time to do this in one of the sessions, but it won’t be enough to find all that is in there.

Can you explain what you mean by “biblical theology”? Yes. But first, don’t let the term “biblical theology” intimidate you. We’re all theologians, and we can all become better theologians from wherever we are now. If you are a woman who wants to get to know your Bible better, this workshop is for you!

When people hear the term “biblical theology,” they often think we are talking about theology that is biblical as opposed to unbiblical. But really we’re talking about a way of understanding and approaching the Bible that recognizes that even though the Bible is made up of various kinds of literature and was written down over centuries by forty human authors, it is really telling one cohesive story about what God is doing in the world through Christ. Through biblical theology we can trace the Bible’s story from Genesis to Revelation through the development of a number of central themes that serve to communicate a cohesive message about the person and work of Christ.

Perhaps another way to think about biblical theology is to think of it in contrast to its companion, systematic theology. In systematic theology, we ask what the whole of the Bible has to say about a particular topic such as sin, justification, the Holy Spirit, the nature of God, or humanity, and put it into a coherent summary. Biblical theology, then, is more about tracing particular themes that develop in the story of the Bible from creation to consummation, such as kingdom, sacrifice, feasting, or temple.

Are there any resources you suggest to learn more about biblical theology?

Ten Things You Should Know About Biblical Theology by Chris Bruno

Biblical Theology in Discipleship by Nancy Guthrie

What is Biblical Theology and Do We Need It? by D. A. Carson

An Introduction to Biblical Theology by D.A. Carson

Will there be additional workshops offered in other cities? Maybe. Probably. But no more will be added to the schedule for dates prior to the fall of 2020.