The Word of the Lord DVD


The Word of the Lord DVD


Prophets in the Old Testament were men who spoke for God. Over 100 times in the historical and prophetical books of the Old Testament we read that, "the word of the Lord came" to a prophet. This ten-session study dives into the challenging prophetical books of Isaiah through Malachi with the aim of understanding not only what God had to say to his people through these prophets in their own day, but also what he has to say to his people today. Readers discover that we struggle with the same sins, we’re subject to the same judgment, and we await the same Savior.


In this study of the writings of the Old Testament prophets, we discover that the message God gave to his prophets for the people of their day has plenty to say to the people of our day. Through story, oracle, poetry, and visions, the prophets point out the sins of the people and the judgment that was coming, but more importantly they promised a greater prophet who would come to deal with their sin problem by taking their judgment on himself.

Session 1: Why Study the Prophets?
Session 2: Jonah
Session 3: Hosea
Session 4: Micah
Session 5: Isaiah
Session 6: Habakkuk
Session 7: Jeremiah
Session 8: Daniel
Session 9: Ezekiel
Session 10: Malachi

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