The Lamb of God DVD

In this study of the final four books of Moses, we discover that the story of Israel emerging from Egypt, wandering in the wilderness, and being given God’s law at the mountain is not just the story of an ancient people. In it we see shadows of Christ who will emerge from Egypt, go out into the wilderness to be tempted, and go up on a mountain to teach God’s law. We discover that their story of salvation from slavery in Egypt provides a picture of our salvation from slavery to sin.

Session 1: A Prophet Like Me
Session 2: Slavery and a Savior
Session 3: Plagues and Passover
Session 4: Salvation and Provision
Session 5: The Giving of the Law
Session 6: The Tabernacle
Session 7: The Priesthood
Session 8: Sacrifice and Sanctification
Session 9: In the Wilderness
Session 10: Love and Obey

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