Summer Bible Study

saints and scoundrels copy.jpg

The story of Jesus includes all kinds of characters—saints who were waiting for him, siblings who didn’t believe in him, criminals who were hanged with him, religious zealots who killed those who trusted in him, and disciples who died for him. While some embraced him, others hated him. While some wanted to serve him, other just wanted to use him. Some who claimed to be saints proved to be scoundrels. And some who began as scoundrels were reborn as saints. Continuing the study we started last summer, over five Tuesday nights in July we’ll peer into the lives of:

  • The Family: Jesus' ancestors, parents, & siblings

  • The Waiting: Simeon, Anna, and Cleopas

  • The Rock: Peter

  • The Criminals: Barabbas and the two thieves on crosses

  • The Worst: Paul

There is no cost to attend, and no registration required. Just come and bring friends! We start promptly at 6:30 and seating is limited so you might want to get there early to get a seat. See you in July!