How do you go on?

I have gone through Griefshare and heard you talk. How do you go on? I lost my son to suicide. I still feel like I'm stuck.

How do you go on? The only way I found I could move forward was to dig deeper into God's Word to learn more about his character so that I could trust him, and to choose to invest my energy and focus as much as possible in people around me who are living and need me rather than giving all of my focus and energy to my grief. As a mom, I also had to keep telling myself the truth—that it was not a betrayal of my children to choose joy, that my love for them is not defined by my ongoing misery.

I encourage you to get a copy of my book, The One Year Book of Hope. I hear from a lot of people who find the daily devotions meet them where they are in their grief and help them move forward toward healing. I pray it might do so for you.