20 Licenses


20 Licenses


When you place your order, you are purchasing access to a downloadable PDF and a license to make the specific number of copies you paid for. You are not purchasing actual printed copies of anything. We will not ship these to you, but rather, you will download a PDF from which you will be able to print copies. 

When you download this file, you are not being granted the right to make an unlimited number of copies, but only the number of copies you have paid for. You are not being granted the right to forward this downloaded PDF to anyone else, unless that person is included in the number of copies you paid for. 

We suggest you download this PDF and make the purchased number of copies yourself. You may want to three-hole punch them and put them in binders for your group. This is the most reliable way to make sure this PDF is not abused. Should you choose to e-mail the digital PDF to those participating in the study so that they can print their own copy to write on, we ask that you are very clear in your communication that they have permission to make one copy only and that they do not have permission to forward the file further unless payment is made for an additional copy at nancyguthrie.com. We have provided suggested verbiage for your e-mail to participants below.

We understand that you may not know the exact number of participants in your study when you place your initial order. Please make your best guess. And if you end up making more copies than you have paid for in your initial purchase, please return to this page to purchase additional licenses PRIOR TO making the additional copies or forwarding the PDF. You may select the appropriate quantity range that reflects your total number of copies made when you are purchasing additional copies after an earlier order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If an individual chooses to print the digital version AND keep it on their computer, then how many print licenses are used? 

In this case, the number of print licenses used is only one, because only one individual is using the file. If that individual chooses to give their printed copy to another person, or chooses to share their electronic version with another person, then that would constitute two print licenses used. 

  • Is there an expiration date on print licenses? 

Yes. Print licenses are valid for one year from the purchase date. After that, they expire and new print licensing must be purchased to print or distribute any new copies. This helps to insure that the most up-to-date version of the Personal Bible Study is being used (as it will likely go through minor changes or updates) and that integrity in user count is being maintained. 

  • Can I share a digital file with someone else?

If you decide to distribute this PDF to your group members via e-mail so that they can print it themselves rather than printing the purchased number of copies yourself, then we ask that you provide the following communication when you forward the electronic file:

“Attached is the PDF for the Personal Bible Study questions to go along with our study of Even Better Than Eden. I’m sending it to you so that you can print one copy for yourself. I have purchased a license for one copy to be printed for each member of our group. If more people than I anticipated end up needing a copy of this, I will need to return to nancyguthrie.com to purchase permission to share or make more copies. So, because we want to have integrity in the way we use this material, please print only one copy for yourself and do not pass this PDF along to anyone else. I have not purchased the rights to unlimited sharing. If someone in our group needs a copy, please let me know and I will send it to them. This way I will be able to keep track of the total number of people using this material and pay the required amount. If you would like the freedom to share this with someone, then please support Nancy’s ministry by purchasing an additional license at www.nancyguthrie.com/even-better-than-eden. Thank you for your honesty.”

  • Can I post the digital file on our church or group website so that group members can come to the site and download it?

No. Please do not post the PDF file on a website to be downloaded, even if it is a page that is not visible to the public. The only way the digital file is to be shared is via e-mail, and only from the person who originally purchased the license so that integrity in payment for the number of users can be maintained. 

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