Answers to the Can You Name the Prophetic Book? Picture Quiz

  1. Jonah (okay, this one is easy, right?)
  2. Hosea (Gomer, an unfaithful bride represents Israel, God's unfaithful bride)
  3. Micah (Jesus is presented as a Shepherd-King in Micah (yes, this one is harder, but at least one has to really hard, right?))
  4. Isaiah (Found in Isaiah 61, and read by Jesus in Luke 4)
  5. Habakkuk (see 3:17-18)
  6. Jeremiah (see 17:1 and 31:33-34)
  7. Daniel (now that's a really easy one too, right?)
  8. Ezekiel (see 48:35)
  9. Malachi (which is made up of these disputations God's people lodge against him)