O Love That Will Not Let Me Go:
Facing Death with Courageous Confidence in God

This collection of essays by classic and contemporary Bible teachers and theologians helps us to shape our thinking about death with the gospel and instill confidence in the promises of God. The contents include:

A Reality That Will Not Be Denied
1. One When You Know How to Die Can You Know How to Live—J. I Packer
2. Death’s Sting is Removed But its Bite Remains—Michael Horton
3. He Called Death Sweet Names—John Piper
4. Not of This World—Martyn Lloyd-Jones
5. Is Christ Our Sickness Bearer?—B.B. Warfield
6. Our Faith is in God, Not In Healing—Joseph Bayly

An Aim that Keeps Me Pressing On
7. Finishing with Few Regrets—Randy Alcorn
8. My Father Taught Me How to Die—R. C. Sproul
9. Spiritual Light Shining From Your Deathbed—Abraham Kuyper
10. A Witness in the Way We Die—John Eaves
11. Sickness: The Soul’s Undressing—Jeremy Taylor

A Hope that Saves Me From Despair
12. Rubbing Hope into the Reality of Death—Tim Keller
13. Hope is a Glorious Grace—John Owen
14. Directions for a Peaceful Departure—Richard Baxter
15. What More Should God Do to Persuade You to Accept Death Willingly?—Martin Luther
16. Comfort Against Fears of the Dying Hour—Thomas Boston

A Future That Will Not Disappoint
17. Suffering Hurries the Heart Toward Heaven—Joni Eareckson Tada
18. To Despise this Present Life—John Calvin
19. The Day of a Godly Man’s Death—Jonathan Edwards
20. Let Us Say in Dying, “Lord Jesus, Receive My Spirit”—R.L. Dabney
21. Those Who Die Daily Die Easily—Charles Spurgeon
22. God Reserves the Best for the Last—Richard Sibbes