We lost our child through miscarriage.
Is Respite Retreat for us?

First, we're so very sad with you. We know your grief is significant, and in no way do we want to give you the impression that your grief is somehow less than that of any other parent who loses a child. It's not at all less, but it is, perhaps, different in some ways. A big part of the loss of miscarriage is the loss of dreams and what could have been, as well as the lack of on-going concern and support from people around you who never held or knew your child.

As much as we would love to welcome you to our Respite Retreat, we're not sure it would be the best place for you to find healing. There are several aspects to the weekend that we think might add to your sorrow rather than relieve it. For example, we put up pictures around the room of the children who have died, and we fear that since you don't have a photo of your child, this would only add to your sense of isolation. We would hope for you to be surrounded by fellow grieving parents who uniquely understand and can share the deep pain of miscarriage, and we can't guarantee that would be the case in the circle at Respite Retreat.

At times we have considered hosting a weekend specifically for couples who have experienced miscarriage, but we haven't had enough demand and we don't particularly feed equipped to lead one since we haven't been through the experience ourselves. We are keeping our ears open for a couple who would be able to lead something like this and we'd love to help them get one started.