Holding On To Hope

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Holding On To Hope 8
A Pathway Through Suffering to the Heart of God

"The world tells us to run from suffering, to avoid it at all costs, to cry out to heaven to take it away. Few of us would choose to suffer. Yet when we know that God has allowed suffering into our lives for a purpose, instead of running from it, we can embrace it, and look around for God in it."
Nancy Guthrie speaks to those who are hurting only as one who has hurt deeply herself has the credibility to do. Having lost a daughter and a son to a metabolic disorder, in Holding On to Hope, Nancy provides companionship to those walking through difficulty while also providing wisdom for the journey. With a mixture of gentle encouragement and hard-hitting truth, she invites readers to worship and thank God in the midst of their suffering, to submit to God's plan and purpose, and to trust Him in their darkest days.

By following the footsteps of history's most significant sufferer - Job-Holding On to Hope examines how a person can experience significant pain and loss, struggle and question God and emerge from the experience knowing God in a more intimate and meaningful way.

Book signing

Nancy, David and Matt at a book signing for the release of Holding On To Hope during the Christian Booksellers Association Convention in Anaheim.


Foreign Translations

Holding On to Hope is now in seven languages including German, a UK edition, Korean, Chinese, Norwegian, and Danish.

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